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Introductory Drafting

Orthographic Projections


  • Identify the six basic views
  • Construct orthographic projections using the miter-line method
  • Apply runouts to intersecting surfaces
  • Draw different hole processes, counter-bore, counter-sink, & spot-face

What & Why?

The most fundamental method of presenting working drawings is to draw multiple views of the three dimensional object. In order to create these multiview drawings drafters need to understand the basic principles of orthographic projection. Orthographic projection is the method by which 3D objects are projected onto two dimensional planes. Paper is a two dimensional medium and in order to print drawings on paper they are shown laying flat, and that is why multiple views are needed.

Lesson # 1 Lesson # 2 Lesson # 3 Lesson # 4 Skill Test
Orthographic projection principles Missing line problems Missing view problems Converting Isometric drawings to orthographics Orthographic Projection Skill Test.

Lesson # 1

Study Guide for Reading Assignment

Print a copy of the Orthographic Projections Study Guide and use it to study Chapter 6.

Orthographics Study Guide.pdf

Check Point: Have your work checked by your instructor

Lesson # 2

Watch the Video on solving missing line problems

missing lines prob.wvm 9:46 minutes

Practice Exercise # 1:

Print out a copy of the missing line problems and complete each problem.

missing lines.pdf

Check Point: Have your work checked by your instructor

Lesson # 3

Watch the Video on solving missing view problems

missing view prob.wvm 14:45 minutes

Missing View Drawing Problems:

Draw using AutoCAD.

Draw the Locator shown in Figure 6.53 # 1

Draw the Stop Block shown in Figure 6.52 # 1

Check Point: Have your work checked by your instructor

Lesson # 4

Isometric to Orthographic Drawing Problems:

Convert each of the Isometric drawings to three orthographic views.

Draw using AutoCAD.

Draw the Safety Key shown in Figure 6.55 use A-size paper

Draw the Toggle Lever shown in Figure 6.68 use A-size paper

Check Point: Have your work checked by your instructor

Orthographic Projections Skill Test

Review your Study Guide and prepare for the Skill Test.

When you are ready to take the test contact your instructor for a copy of the test.
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