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Nursing Assistant (100 Hours)

Students are involved in hands-on care (clinic’s) of the sick and the elderly in hospital and or long-term care facilities. Academic learning includes anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. At the end of the program students take a state certification test. When certified, students may gain employment in many health aide areas, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, in-home care, physical therapy, and doctors’ and dentists’ offices.

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Quick Facts
Tuition & Fees
Financial Aid
Career Overview
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  • The Nursing Assistant program is available at Vernal and Roosevelt campuses
  • The Nursing Assistant is open-entry/open-exit only during the daytime hours
  • Hours Available
    Roosevelt and Vernal: Monday–Friday, 12–3 p.m.
  • Nursing Assistant is offered select evening hours, rotating between Vernal and Roosevelt.


  • Students required to pass a math and reading test (with a score of 80 % or more).
  • Student must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in this program.
  • Students must complete course work, clinicals, and pass class with a final grade of 80% or higher before taking the state test.


  • Navy blue scrubs are required for work at the clinical sites. Students are required to show proof of current Food Handlers Permit and written proof of immunizations. Food Handlers training can be completed online at

  • Students may choose, but are not required, to purchase a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. Prior to employment, students must be able to pass a criminal background check.

Program Cost Estimate

Tuition: $200*
Fees: $90
Books & Supplies: $180*

Tuition and fees are based on program completion in the hours specified for the program length. *Tuition and Books are subject to change.

  • Cost for day-time course: $200 when completed in 100 hours. Additional Tuition will apply if student exceeds 100 hours.
  • Cost for evening course: $200
  • Fee waiver for high school seniors or new graduates.
  • CPR certification is included in the cost of the course.
  • State examination fee of $75 must be paid by the student directly to the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry.
  • Scrubs can be purchased for approximately $35.

There Financial Aid opportunities for the Nursing Assistant program


Wage Summary
Average mid-range wage

Career Possibilities:

Nursing Assistants are in great demand in the work force. Nursing Assistants work in many areas of the health care field, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. This course consists of 76 hours of theory and 24 hours of clinical for a total of 100 hours.

Job Specifics:

  • Take and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
  • Assist patients in dressing and personal hygiene
  • Feed patients who need assistance
  • Assist practical nurses (PN) and registered nurses (RN) in giving total bedside care
  • Indoors, clean environment
  • Shift work often required, as well as weekends and holidays
  • Physical demands
  • Some lifting and carrying heavy objects

For more information:

Donna Sander, Assistant, 435-722-6973


In order to take the state test, students must complete a minimum of 24 hours of “hands on” work in the hospital and nursing home under the supervision of a clinical instructor. The dates and times for clinicals will be set up in class. To present themselves as professionals, students are required to purchase scrubs to wear during all clinicals. Students may choose to purchase a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, for practice at home (not a requirement for class).

  • To present yourself as professionals during clinicals, the student is required to wear scrubs, white shoes, and a watch with a second hand. No jewelry will be permitted otherwise.
  • Long nails, excessive make-up and/or perfume are not permitted.


Upon completion of the core courses, 19 modules, 24 hrs clinicals, CPR Certification, and passing final exam with 80%, the student will have the opportunity to take the State Nursing Assistant Certification Exam which includes a skills test and a written exam. The cost for the test is $75 (Certification costs are subject to change).


  • Pay Licensure Fees
  • Complete a State Approved Nurse Assisting Training Program
  • 16 Years of Age or Older
  • Pass CNA Written Exam
  • Pass CNA Skills Exam

Matriculation Requirements

This Program has a matriculation process that students must complete in order to be fully matriculated into the program.
Complete the following:
• Complete Modules 1-6


Core Courses (90 HOURS REQUIRED)

NAHA 1004 Nursing Assistant Classroom 76
NAHA 1010 Nursing Assistant Clinical 24

Core Courses






Nursing Assistant

  • Patient care and procedures / Basic nursing skills
  • Medical law and ethics / Residents' rights
  • Patient/Staff/Environmental safety
  • Infection control
  • CPR
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Common medical disorders and appropriate interventions
  • CNA State test preparation
  • Mental health and social service needs
  • Care of cognitively impaired residents
  • Basic restorative services
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